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A Moment of Tranquility
by Angela Berry
18 years old, Nebraska

What about peace?
What about the boy in the ransacked, war choked country?
Lost from his mother and alone with the chaos
Praying for the day the relentless firing will stop
What about the soldier who marches into battle?
Fighting for a cause that’s no longer quite so clear
Praying for protection and a short time away from home
Where is the peace they long for?
Peace can be momentary silence in a classroom full of rowdy students
Peace can be found between two children at recess
Who have learned the sandbox is big enough for both
Peace can be a treaty between two warring nations
No single definition can truly sum it up
As peace is something different to whomever you may ask
What about Peace?
Peace is something that puts its beholder’s mind to rest
A moment of tranquility that gives us a moment to muse
To look around and understand the world really isn’t turning so fast
Teachers tell their frustrated students to count to ten and begin again
To take a moment to comprehend the world really isn’t turning so fast
Peace can simply be, taking a second to take a deep breath.
What about Peace?


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