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The Vicinity of Peace
by Virginia Chan
17 years old, California

Within an art piece
A pair of lovers stroll
Through the calmness of a park at dusk,
Through a timeless vacuum
Immune to calamity’s cusp.

At an undiscovered beach, a piece
Of seashell sleeps
Undisturbed in the sand,
Free from the grasp of greedy hands,
From the cruelties of an evil stricken land.

Peace, why do you hover only in our imaginations
And in places where no one plans a visit?
Will it come the time when
War becomes illusion,
Order decorates reality;
Quarrel, a thing of the past,
Love, an abundant resource?
Peace, when can you comfortably coexist alongside us?

Together we can usher this time to come
Through benevolent deeds towards our neighbors.
 If allow the kindness within the pieces of our hearts to bow
To our actions and penetrate our speech,
The time of peace is now.


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