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Second Place

Katherine Mansfield
17 years old, Pennsylvania

Peace is a ring
Reflecting the fragments of sunlight
Connecting the pieces of gold
Purchased so expensively for the wedding of the world

Peace is a raindrop
Born of storms that are both thunderous and silent
Falling upon the earth
And nourishing the parched

Peace is a song
Melodic and sweet
Heard by those who want to hear it
But oftentimes lost in the noisy chaos of the world

Peace is a rope
That extends forever in each direction,
But frays with the frictin of hate
And comes undone when held onto too desperately

Peace is a sheet
Fluttering in the hot desert breeze
Unaffected by the artillery fire in the distance
Shielding the blood spattered body beneath it

Peace is a force
That binds the world tightly
Into a rubber band ball
That bounces through violence
And into the arms of love.


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