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Honorable Mention

by Caya Simonsen
17 years old, Nebraska

Peace is an inner feeling of tranquility
Experienced in the deepest, most secret part of the heart
It cannot be expressed in words, nor communicated

Peace - is seen in the rhythmic breathing of a sleeping baby
Felt in the perpetual beating a human heart
Experienced as leaves gently grace the forest floor

Peace is an eclectic group of people joining hands
Appreciating each other as fellow human beings
Each with unique insights, experiences, and hopes

Peace is the union of nations
Forgetting grudges and partisan politics
In the name of magnanimous cooperation

Peace is controlled confrontation
Not ignoring our differences
Rather respectful discussion and compromise

Peace is not fiery or forceful
It is quiet, calming, and respectful
A dispersal of dynamic world citizens

Peace can not be extinguished
It is shared from heart to heart:
Spread through the hands, and lived through the soul.


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