Thank you to our 2011 Volunteers
who help youth be peacemakers



We invite youth, worldwide, to  think outside the box, offer new ideas and constructs for peace.  To be original. What About Peace ? is our way to encourage and reward the clear thinking and powerful ideas of our young people.


  • We’re believers in PEACE. 
  • We’re passionate business persons, people of faith, artists. 
  • We’re volunteers who jury entries,  stuff envelopes, hang shows of winning entries, organize, e-mail, read and record entries, stick stamps--in short make What About Peace ? possible. 
  • We’re young people who pour out their hearts about peace at home.  We’re youth who care about peace and war and conflict and getting along. 
  • We’re teachers who advise and cajole and encourage questions and answers about peace. 
  • We’re youth organizers, youth supporters, who want peace for our world.
  • We’re professionals who give our time as jurors and judges.
  • We’re retirees who can follow our hearts and consciences towards peace.



Kim Komenich, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer with the San Francisco Chronicle, acted as our photo judge in 2007 and 2008.






Our annual mailing in October announced the contest for 2009.  It takes many hands to send out 2000+ invitations!





What About Peace ? is a joint program of Global Exchange & Jadetree Three.

Jadetree Three is a California trust dedicated to peace and social justice worldwide.

Global Exchange is a membership-based international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world -- helping to build people-to-people ties.

We’re Global Exchange, an international human rights organization proud to host and sponsor What About Peace.

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