What About Peace? 2012 Flyer

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  • First and foremost,  thank you for your efforts for peace.  We know that the extra time and energy necessary to sponsor entrants is  limited and precious. Above you will find a link to the What About Peace ? flyer for you to download and distribute.
  • Please feel free to contact us if we can help you or your young people.
  • We encourage you to use What About Peace ? as a final project, as an assignment, for extra credit.   If your group so chooses, it can become a fund-raiser.   Individual youth can gain independence of mind and spirit as they reply to What About Peace ?
  • When one of those you sponsor wins, we ask you to present the award in our name.  We hope you will make a public celebration of peace and her/his accomplishment.  We will send you, in the mail, the award, the certificate and the prize. 
  • We have had to withdraw a total of 4 entries/prizes. Please be sure that each entry submitted is 100% the work of the young person, or that sources are credited and a copy of the source material is sent with the entry.  Tracing, using an overhead projector, copying, or “improving” a painting is not permitted. 

If you want to discuss plagiarism and forgery with students or youth group members, you may find some help at  This New York Times article references the OWL Center at Indiana University.

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